107-2: Lopsided girl's high school basketball game spurs call for a mercy rule

INDIANAPOLIS - A girl's high school basketball team in Indiana beat their opponents Tuesday night by 105 points, spurring a conversation over whether a mercy rule should be implemented.

Bloomington South trounced Arlington High School 107-2 in the game in Indianapolis.

The Indiana High School Athletic Association does not have a mercy rule, but Commissioner Bobby Cox told 93 WIBC that the outcome will likely spur conversation about implementing one.

Arlington's only points in the contest came on free throws in the second and third quarters.

Cox told WIBC that a note in the National Federation of Basketball Rules, which the IHSAA uses as a guideline, allows a state association to institute a running clock when a specific point differential is reached at a specific time in the game.

Cox plans to speak with the principals and athletic administrators from both schools about the game.

Bloomington South coach Larry Winters told RTV6 Tuesday night that he played all nine girls on the team.

The score started a firestorm of controversy on Twitter and Facebook, with most decrying what they considered a lack of sportsmanship.

The IHSAA's sportsmanship rules are non-specific about blowouts, calling for coaches to "always set a good example for members of the team and fans to follow," to "instruct members of the team in regard to proper sportsmanship" and to "treat opposing coaches, participants and fans with respect."

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