120-year rivalry comes to an end as Mizzou beats Kansas

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Jayhawk fans had a bad feeling about this one.

"Worst season in the history of KU," said Kansas fan Heather Allison.

Their premonition came true with a 24-10 loss to Mizzou on Saturday night.

"Mizzou could have played a little better, but it was a pretty good game," said Mizzou fan Kim Lanham.

But most minds were also on more than this game. They were reflecting on a 120-year border showdown.

"I'm really actually completely depressed that this is the last game that we're going to have," said Mizzou fan Ryan Harvey.

"It's fun to come out to these and see people yell at each other," said Kansas fan Luke Kopmeyer.

The bickering and back-and-forth runs deeper than football, possibly as far back as the 1850s with interstate clashes over slavery.

"KU and MU have a lot of historical history," said Harvey.

Kansas decided to discontinue the showdown as Mizzou moves to the SEC. Jayhawk fans say the Tigers will need all the help they can get going up against grid iron giants.

"I think they're going to have a tough time with Arkansas, LSU and Alabama," said Allison.

That's one of the few things at least some fans from both sides can agree upon.

"I would love MU to win a bunch of games in the SEC, but I don't really see it happening," said Harvey.

The rivalry is over for now, but both sides have hope there will be a day KU and MU reunite.

"I think, give it some time and there will be," said Kopmeyer.

"But it'll never be the same," said Mizzou fan Marla Williams.

True to form, there is disagreement between both sides on the series record. Before Saturday, Kansas contended it was tied at 55-55-9, but Mizzou says they led by one game. Either way, it looks as if Mizzou has won the Border Showdown.

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