Fans, business owners excited by Royals winning streak

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Fans were rolling into Kauffman Stadium to see the Royals face the Marlins on Tuesday afternoon.

The team's winning record had Royals diehard fans like Ben Prell excited for the first time in a while.

"I've managed to make it through quite a few years of obviously not-so-great baseball so I'm really pumped to see how well they're doing so far this year. Hopefully we'll be able to pull it off and actually make the playoffs," Prell said.

They're getting their tickets while they're hot. Over the past week, 70,000 people decided the day of they wanted to catch a game.

And t-shirt sales at Rally House are up around 100 percent since last year.

"They're coming in to get that shirt because they haven't been in a few years, so they're coming in and needing a shirt to go to the game," Rally House Manager Dirk Liebert said.

And that's good news for more than just fans.

"It's good for our staff. We get to have more hours, get to hire more people and that's good for everybody," Liebert said.

Hopefully for Royals fans and business owners alike, it's only just the beginning.

"If they made it to the playoffs, I'd probably buy every single playoff shirt that's out there. Just because it's been more than 20 something years since we've been, so definitely need to load up on it," Royals fan Ryan Heathman said.

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