'Fountain Lady' Jessica McCoy wants public to know she's more than her viral Kauffman Stadium video

One year after Jessica McCoy took a dive into the fountains at Kauffman Stadium and become a viral star, she just wants people to know the real person.

McCoy, 26, faced multiple charges relating to her fountain dive, and just finished a program that allowed them to be expunged, according to the Des Moines Register .

McCoy spoke with them at length about her life since becoming known as "Fountain Lady."

What's left is a cautionary, water-soaked tale of the decisions we make in public.

This is on her. All of it. She's the one responsible for the excessive drinking that started at 11 a.m. — eight hours before first pitch — with 2-for-1 margaritas at a local restaurant.

She's the one who kept throwing them back during six hours of tailgating that included "shot-gunning" beers with Twins fans. She's the one who decided to climb into the fountain. She's the one who scurried away from security officers at the end of the 5-minute foolishness.

In the 24/7 news cycle, though, it provided a lesson in the rapid, anonymous and overwhelming cruelty that exists along the information superhighway. McCoy deactivated her Facebook account at the time, when more than 200 friend requests from strangers flooded in.

"She's portrayed as the psycho 'Fountain Lady,' but I'd trust her with my life and my kids," said her friend, Evelyn Jacobs. "She's a great person who made a stupid choice. It doesn't define who she is every single day of the rest of her life because of one dumb moment."

McCoy says she'd love to attend a Royals playoff game should they make the post-season. 

Do you plan to go back to a Royals game?

"Yes, definitely. I hope they make it to the playoffs so I can go watch them. I wasn't trying to make the Royals look bad or humiliate anyone. I just made a big mistake."

And … that fountain?

"I still like the fountain, I'm just not going to get in it. I've already been there, done that, right?"

In case you missed it the first time around, here's McCoy in the fountains (video contains profane language).

Watch an interview clip from the Des Moines Register below. Mobile and tablet app users can click here to watch .

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