Royals reliever Greg Holland talks pitching, pools and a playoff baby

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Greg Holland is one of those guys you hope your young son admires.

He didn't start off great. He wasn't even great a few years ago.

Holland was a walk-on in college baseball. He paid attention and tried to learn as much as possible. He was drafted late by a guy he still praises for giving him a chance. 

When we sat down, he was quiet and kind. He's genuinely humble, meaning the humble doesn't come from a place coached by someone helping him handle fans and the media.

Holland says he's not superstitious. Not in a don't-step-on-the-cracks kind of way. However, he does this thing in the shower he realized during our interview is, by all accounts, a superstition. It involves the number 13.

Click on the video above to see my interview with Holland, and see his message to any kid with a dream.

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