Kansas City Royals fans go all meow-t to wish Derek Jeter farewell

Meow these are two fans who really wanted to wish New York Yankees legend Derek Jeter farewell in his final appearance at Kauffman Stadium - unless these teams put together a playoff run soon.

MLB.com's Cut4 posted this picture to its Twitter account earlier today.



Meow where were we? Oh, yes, the cat guys. When we tweeted this earlier, Rodney White reached out to us stating it was Paul Long on the right, and a quick look at his profile suggests it could be him. Also, Twitter user @durkdiggler8810 says the man on the left is John Stoner.

A search of Mr. Stoner's Facebook page show multiple photos of him in the singlet. Bravo, sir. No kitten around, we all got a good laugh in the newsroom when we saw today's pic.

Oh, yeah, the Royals won 2-1 to take two of three from the Yankees this weekend.

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