Kansas City Royals to offer peanut-free zones for fans

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Nothing goes together better than baseball and peanuts, unless you have a nut allergy.

Employees with the Royals are trying to accommodate a growing number of fans with severe peanut allergies. The number of children who are allergic to peanuts has tripled over the past 10 years, and Royals employees say they've seen an increase in requests from parents to accommodate their child in a peanut-free zone.

Beginning May 28, the Royals will open a specific suite for allergy sufferers one game a month through September. The first one is May 28.

The suit has its own bathrooms and kitchen to ensure the guests don't have to walk through any open areas where peanuts would be prevalent. The Royals even have a designated cleaning crew and medical EMT that they'll staff specifically for the peanut-free suite.

The Royals have tried a similar effort in the past, but never used a private suite.

Anthony Mozzicato, director of guest experience at the Royals, said this should cut back on peanut contamination, which could be deadly for a person with an allergy.

"We do have a cleaning crew that cleans the bleachers and does a good job but peanut shells can be as small as a little particle and you can't see it sometimes, so we are confident by being in this suit we can control that," Mazzicato said.

To purchase tickets for the suite, Royals fans can go to royals.com/tickets.

The cost is $55 per person which includes all food and beverages throughout the game. The Royals is requesting each family only purchase four tickets per group, so they can host at least five families, or 21 people per game in the peanut-free zone.

Guests are also asked to sign a waiver.

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