Royals, fans honor veterans on Memorial Day

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Royals had a focus on more than just baseball Monday night at The K.

The commemoration of our nation's heroes began in the parking lot of Kauffman Stadium with a few hot dogs and a grill.

While Memorial Day isn't just about family BBQs and picnics, Army veteran Tom Smith is grateful to be able to cook out with his family.

"It's a privilege, it's an honor. There are a lot of guys that can't be here and there are a lot of guys that wish they could be here," Smith said.

Inside the stadium, the diamond was devoted to some veterans who faced the challenges that come with serving the nation.

"For my generation, us Vietnam vets, we weren't treated as well as we should have been," retired U.S. Army colonel Lynn Rolf Jr. said. "We were called baby killers, spit on, ostracized in our own communities."

After enduring these pains, Rolf is thankful to be honored before the first pitch.

"We made vow, never to have another generation treated like we were so when other people recognize veterans or help them in a store, that makes my heart pound," he said.

The service sent a message to all those at home for those who are still serving.

"We can never forget our sacrifice. Freedom is not free and we have to remember that and honor that with our service," Lt. General Robert Brooks Brown said.

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