Royals #firstplace produces hilarious memes

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - So the Royals taking the top spot is a hot topic.

The hashtag #firstplace is in first place as the No. 1 trending topic on Twitter in Kansas City.

But the memes and pictures have everyone laughing. Let's take a look at a few of them. For starters, remember the movie "Napoleon Dynamite”? What about his brother, Kip who took himself way too seriously:

Royals fans are some of the most exciting in baseball. But when there is a win? Things are crazy! 

Finally, people are saying SungWoo Lee is the good luck charm for the boys in blue. In fact, fans are now tweeting the super fan, with photos of their dedication to the Royals. Let's just say this cat named Smush doesn't look too happy:

#BeRoyalKC is also trending on Tweets Map. More than 480,000 people talking about this and nearly 800 news sources have reported on the first place milestone.

What do you think about the Royals in first place? Let us know in the comments section or tweet us! @theNowKC

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