Royals super fan from South Korea attends first game at Kauffman

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Sungwoo Lee traveled thousands of miles to see the Royals play for his first time on Saturday night.

And when they put him on the big screen, the Royals broke open a scoreless game and went on to beat the Giants.

No fan at Kauffman Stadium Saturday night went to the extremes to get to the baseball game more than Lee - one of the Royals’ biggest fans. He traveled 6,500 miles from South Korea to get here.

He's watched Kansas City’s baseball team online for 15 years and now,- and on Saturday night, he tailgated with strangers he met on Twitter who made the trip possible.

“I enjoy every second of it,” Lee said.

He's been lavished with gifts from Twitter fans who have followed him from afar.

Cameras have followed him everywhere since he arrived - a dream come true after watching for so long, so far away.

He finally saw Kauffman in all its glory.

“It's so huge and gorgeous,” Lee said.

But what he's been the most taken back by has nothing to do with baseball.

“I really appreciate the Kansas City and Midwest kindness.  ... It's indescribable,” Lee said.

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