Royals to use hand-held metal detectors at select Kauffman Stadium gates

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Kansas City Royals will use hand-held metal detectors at some gates at Kauffman Stadium.

Royals spokesman Toby Cook says some fans may be "wanded" as they enter select gates to Kauffman Stadium in the near future.

There is no predetermined number of how many fans might be checked, and it's not guaranteed the process will last the entire season, Cook says.

It will only take a few seconds, and club employees will do everything they can to not slow down the entrance into the K, according to Cook.

"Our goal is to not inconvenience them, and we don't want (fans) to think now Kauffman is like this lockdown place where they're going to have to worry about everything in their pockets," Cook said. "It's really a precautionary measure, and as much as anything it's a sign to our fans that we do take our security seriously."

MLB Security officials encouraged the increase in security at all Major League ballparks after last week's terror attack in Boston.

Cook says there have been some other minor additions to behind-the-scenes security, but fans will not notice those changes.

Bags will be checked like usual at all gates. For a look at the Royals' guidelines on bringing in personal bags and other security measures, visit

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