Chalk Talk: Jack and Frank's take on Eric Winston's rant about cheers for Matt Cassel's injury

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - It's the story everybody is talking about as we enter the week.

Chiefs offensive lineman Eric Winston lashed out at fans after a 9-6 loss to Baltimore, chastising those who cheered when quarterback Matt Cassel went down with an injury.

"It's 100 percent sickening," Winston said in part. "I've never been more embarrassed in my life to play football than at that moment right there."

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Jack Harry and Frank Boal sounded off on the fans' cheers and Winston's reaction in their Chalk Talk segment Sunday night on 41 Action News.

"People who were cheering, they weren't cheering that he was hurt," Jack said, explaining he thought they were cheering because they wanted a change under center.

"I know where Eric Winston is coming from," Jack continued. "He seems like a stand-up guy."

But Jack said something about Winston's comments rubbed him the wrong way.

"To come in and say ‘you people… you people,'" Jack said. "This guy's been in town for three or four months. He went after a fan base that has supported this football team forever and ever and ever."

Frank said he understand Winston is trying to protect his quarterback and is upset about losing games.

But, Frank said, "the fans have every right in the world to do anything they want. You want to cheer an injury? That's up to you."

But Frank isn't denying what can happen to the reputation of fans when something like that happens.

"But it also lays up to you what your reputation is in the country as far as a fan base."

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