Chalk Talk: We've had it with all the field goals!

Jack Harry and Frank Boal say enough with the field goals!

Cheifs head coach Romeo Crennel opted for a field goal on fourth and 2 from the 4-yard-line Sunday when they were up 3-0 in the first quarter.

"It's fourth and two at the 4-yard-line, and here comes the field goal team!" Jack said Sunday night on 41 Action News.

Crennel said taking the sure points was the right thing to do, but Frank disagrees.

"You're already 1-9," Frank said. "You have a chance to take a 10-0 lead."

It wasn't the only fourth-down play-call Crennel is under fire for. With just a few minutes left in the game, the Chiefs called a timeout before a fourth-and-6 play, only to punt the ball away.

"I was considering going for it, but then I decided not to go for it and we punted the ball," Crennel said. "The fact that it ended up being fourth-and-6 (at the Denver 47), and we still had the time on the clock to go out there and make the stop."

But Frank is the most fired up about the field goal attempt in the first quarter.

"That's a fireable offense for Romeo Crennel," he said.

For more on what Jack and Frank had to say about Sunday's play-calling and the root of the problems at Arrowhead Stadium, click on the media player at the top of this page.

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