#Chiefs rookies quiet on social media

Kansas City, mo. - On social media - Chiefs fandamonium has reached an all-time high. But Chief’s players aren't really tweeting about their newfound fame.

Hashtag the words - "Chiefs" or "Chiefs Camp" and fans tweet words like "awesome" or "pumped".

Sports reporters have updated pictures from the field and players arriving for camp and even practicing - but the players themselves are pretty quiet.

Most of the official updates are coming from the official Kansas City Chief's Twitter account and Facebook page.

Rookies like Dee Ford have been interviewed. He says he's ready to work.  But he, Philliip Gaines, Tyler Bray and Aaron Murphy haven't tweeted anything in the past few days.

The most recent tweet came from Zach Fulton a day ago. But we're, not sure that's a bad thing.

Maybe they are #workinghard so they can #win.

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