College Football Hall of Fame opens in Atlanta

ATLANTA (WXIA/CNN) - The College Football Hall of Fame is officially open.

The grand opening was Saturday in downtown Atlanta.

Gators and Tigers and Bruins, oh my!

The doors to the College Football Hall of Fame opened with all the pageantry of a Saturday in the south.

Inside, you're greeted by 768 football helmets.

If you need help finding your team, simply ask one of the staffers and they'll find it and light it up for you.

Upstairs, you'll experience college football history with an interactive museum.   

Want to know what it's like to run onto the field with the Bulldogs? Now you can experience it for yourself.

"It's just wonderful for the city of Atlanta, I'm glad we have it," football fan Bob Miner said.

It reminds college football fans everywhere why they love the game so much.

"I grew up with season tickets to LSU games, so it's been in my blood the whole time," Rebecca Salmon, an LSU Tigers fan, said.