City hopes big events mean big profit this weekend

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Basketball games and pep rallies aren’t the only events bringing money and people into Kansas City this weekend.

Along with the Big 12 Championship, Planet Comicon is also in town. Plus, it’s the weekend before St. Patrick’s Day.

“It’s an incredible time to be downtown,” said Jon Stephens with the Kansas City Convention and Visitors Association.

The comic book and pop culture convention brings in about 20,000 people, and roughly $4 million dollars. Between Big 12 and Comicon, the two events total about $13 million for the city.

“We get hotels way before hand,” said Comicon visitor Amy Comeman. “We get everything set up; we save money and we get the costumes throughout the year. We come up here and have a great time.”

Irish pride will also being flowing through the city this weekend with many events to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

And with the days of Big 12 coming to an end this year, city leaders hope Kansas City will continue to be a key destination.

"The more we host events like this the more people want to come back and I think we'll have more conventions and more events."

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