The winners of the Big 12 Championship games impact the price of tickets

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - As the University of Kansas Men’s Basketball team moves into the semifinals, ticket prices are climbing and becoming a major cash boost for venders and fans.

An afternoon upset for Oklahoma State University fans is pushing tickets on the street. “We’re just going to try to sell our tickets to get some money; Maybe go shopping, get some food or something,” said OSU fan Kelsey Zachary.

The win for KU means more green is moving through the hands of fans and ticket venders. “KU has a huge fan base that follows them, and they’re our driving force in this business,” said Brian Nelson with Tickets for Less.

No. 10 Kansas beats Oklahoma State, 77-70 in OT

A KU/K-State championship game would have been the ultimate cash cow for ticket venders, but with stronger away teams this year, those coming in from out-of-state are staying longer, and spending more than in previous years.

“Pretty much every single team is coming up here, thinking they have a chance to win, so there have been a lot less tickets available to purchase,” Nelson said.

After Thursday, many fans aren’t settling for anything below $100. “We had one dude ask for $50 for the championship game, and the face value is $100, so we said bye,” Nelson said.

Right now is the best time to get tickets for the Champion game session 5. Friday game tickets are starting at around $180.

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