Kansas State fans are proud to see their football team at the top of the BCS standings

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas State is number one in football, for now. The Wildcats took the lead Sunday night in the BCS standings.

With just two games left this season, the team's winning record could send Kansas State to the national championship game. The team has not been in that position in more than a decade.

"The closest we got was in 1998, when Kansas State was playing in the Big 12 Championship. If they had won, they would have probably have been in the national championship game then," said Gary Davidson with the Catbackers Club.

Davidson said the wait has been worth it.

"It's one of those situations, where you didn't expect it going into it, but now that you're in the middle of it, it's such an amazing time," Davidson said.

Why does Kansas State deserve to be number one?

"The terminology of machine that they drive. They go down the field, and they stop the teams when they need to. They've taken on all the challenges, Their record against top 20 and top 40 teams is the better than any of the other non-beaten teams," Davidson said.

Who do fans have to thank for all the success?

Davidson said Bill Snyder should get a lot of the credit.

"They'll build monuments for this gentleman when he decides to walk away. What he's done for the town, and the university."

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