KC man's journey for basketball rules goes national

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A Kansas City native's journey to bring the original rules of basketball to the University of Kansas will air on national television.
Josh Swade, who lives in New York now,  chronicled his three-week journey in 2010.

When Swade read Sotheby's Auction House was selling James Naismith's original basketball rules, he said he went on a countrywide crusade to find someone with deep-enough pockets to put the rules were they belonged.

Naismith invented the game first in Springfield, Massachusetts in 1891 but first coached and brought the game alive at KU.

Naismith was KU's head coach from 1898 - 1907. He is buried in a cemetery in east Lawrence.

Swade convinced University of Kansas graduate and donor David Booth to purchase the rules.
Booth bought them for $4.3 million, the highest paid price for a sports document.
"There's nothing else like it that captures the moment, this exact moment of creation," Swade explained. "You know one day there wasn't basketball and the next day there was."

Swade's documentary "There's No Place Like Home" on ESPN's 30 for 30 series at 7 p.m. CT Tuesday.

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