Legendary MU Tigers basketball coach Norm Stewart collaborates on song

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Carl Bolte knows music. He wrote Marilyn Maye's first album, among other things.

So when he got a call from an old friend with a song lyric, he knew it was gold.

"I was enamored with it, my wife thought it was a sweet lyric story and I set a tune to it the next day," he said.

So now he and singer Charlie Huffman are recording "I've Always Known That Now"; music by Carl Bolte and words by Norm Stewart.

Yeah, that Norm Stewart, the legendary Missouri Tigers basketball coach.

Stewart says the words came to him on an airplane.

"I didn't know what to do with it, so I called my good friend Carl Bolte... he was encouraging which kind of surprised me," he said.

Stewart and Bolte know each other from college days when they were fraternity brothers and both played baseball for Missouri.

The song is a tribute to Stewart's wife, Virginia.

"Just a sweet little love song," he described.

Stewart, one of the top ten most victorious college coaches in America, is modest about his latest achievement.

"I'm waiting for the gong," he joked.

But Bolte knows a hit when he hears one.

"Knowing Norm's following I'll bet the following for his music, a brand new talent I didn't know he had, is going to be marvelous," Bolte said.

"At least we'll have something for Christmas gifts," Stewart mused.

But Bolte's thinking bigger.

"Let's think big about this thing and see if it won't be as important and appealing to others as it is to his wife and my wife and norm and me," he said.

Stewart says he has already started working on a second song.

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