Crews battle 'snow madness' at Sprint Center ahead of KU game

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - When organizers planned March Madness at the Sprint Center, they were not counting on "snow madness" to fall in the middle of it.  But despite the unusual spring weather, they still had a plan to make sure they were ready for all the basketball fans.

Shani Tate, the spokesperson for the Sprint Center, said 30 crew members spent the night downtown to make sure the expected 18,000 fans could easily get to the game.

Tate said crews started working at 3:30 a.m. Sunday and moved snow from the 8.5 acres surrounding the arena to Berkley Riverfront Park.

The fans said they appreciated the Sprint Center's extra work.

"It is nice that they went out of their way to make sure it is safe and there is easy access," KU Fan Jonathan Gonzales said. "It is awesome to see everyone still come out and not let the weather stop all of the fans from watching the game."

Jeff and Stephanie Davis said a little snow was not going to stop them. They traveled from North Carolina. But don't worry; they are still rooting to KU.

"We came all the way from North Carolina to watch Kansas dominate UNC, so a little snow wasn't going to hold us up," Stephanie said.

Her husband said the drive in was a little tricky, but worth it.

"The roads are a little slick. You have to allow for a little extra time. I think we went 20 miles an hour, maybe 30 on the highway," Jeff said.

Fans we spoke to said no matter what the weather looks like, Kansas City is always a good host for the tournament.

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