Business booming after Chiefs' victories

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City chiefs fans woke up feeling victorious on Monday.

Sunday's win against the Cleveland Browns propelled the team into an 8-0 winning record, and that means local companies that do business with the Chiefs have a lot to brag about.

The Chiefs organization works with many local teams to design game day footballs, print the clothing you see on the players and even keep all that gear clean. You can bet those local businesses are ecstatic about all these wins.

The company New Signs, in Independence, designs and prints game day footballs for the MVPs of the game, the coaches and players.

Another company working with the Chiefs is Overland Park-based Siege Sports. The clothing manufacturer and retail store -- which operates under the name Jerry's Sports Shop at 40 and 291 in Independence -- prints clothing that you see on the players.

They also create special Chiefs padding for the TV towers inside the stadium.

Fosters cleaners, in Independence, keeps all the gear clean and pressed.

For the local companies working with the team, it's all about the bragging rights and the pride of creating swag for the guys raking in win after win.

"It's fun! How could it not be? When you see a player wearing the shirt you did, our staff is extremely excited. There's a sense of pride. It's a sense of ownership. It's extremely cool," said Chris Barnes, president of Siege Sports.

He added that although most of their work is kept secret until it's distributed to the players, it feels good to have a hand in the swag the guys use on game days.

"It helps our business when the Chiefs win, because sports becomes at the forefront of the community. It is amazing how much the Chiefs winning or losing impacts the mood of a city," Barnes said. "When football or sports is on people's mind, they'll spend money or buy something sports related."

Bars and restaurants are also cashing in on the Chiefs winning. Prices for tickets can be extremely pricy, and that means that fans are packing into local bars to see the action.

At 810 Zone, in Leawood, a line extends out the door 30 minutes before kickoff. Inside, nearly every table is packed on game day and fans stay until the last second of the last quarter.

The kitchen staffs extra cooks, and food is constantly being rushed out to hungry fans.

Employees said the restaurant has an entire different vibe from last season.

"Actually it's been a lot of fun. After the disaster that was last year, people are excited again about the Chiefs. People are coming in and they're having a great time," said bartender Andrew Raymond.

Raymond says it feels like a different bar than it was a year ago, and the sales show it.

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