Chiefs fans claim ultimate fandom as team reaches playoffs

Ticket brokers busy after Chiefs reach playoffs

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Kansas City Chiefs have made the playoffs and fans are looking for ways to support their team's success by keeping ticket brokers plenty busy.

"There's a lot of interest in this Sunday's game versus Indianapolis," Dan Rouen of Tickets for Less said.

Just a week ago, things were pretty slow for staff.

"We have some upper level tickets starting at just $39 a piece," Rouen said. 

But, now that the Chiefs are headed to the playoffs, Rouen knows it's going to be different.

"There will be a lot of fans wanting to get on board and get tickets," he said.

The Chiefs are playoff bound, but we just don't know where. If it's at Arrowhead, season ticket holders have first dibs.

Other options are on the road at Indianapolis and Cincinnati.

We did some digging and the cheapest airfare and stay I found was $375 for Cincinnati and $320 for Indianapolis, the question now is if fans are willing to go.

"I would, that sounds reasonable to me," Taylor said.

Then again, Paul Taylor considers himself a die-hard Chiefs fan.

"I know you've seen the coat and the shirt and the bag, did you look down at the shoes?" he said, referring to the Chiefs logo on his tennis shoes.

They were pretty hard to miss. He's got some fierce competition though.

"I am the ultimate Chiefs fan," Bryan Jarett said.

He's got Chiefs décor all over his bedroom and even in his closet.

"See I get wear Chiefs clothes every day," he said.

Whether the Chiefs really do make it all the way or not, it's clear their fans are already impressed.

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