Chiefs fans get first look at the new regime

ST. JOSEPH, Mo. - Thousands of Chiefs fans lined the practice field in St. Joseph, Mo. on Friday to get their first look at the new regime.

The fans weren't the only ones making their first appearance to training camp.

First-round draft pick Eric Fisher made his way to St. Joseph, Mo., just hours after signing with the organization.

The Chiefs agreed to terms on a four-year deal worth around $22 million with a fifth-year option.

"I told them I wanted to get here as soon as possible and get to work," Fisher said. "I didn't really want to miss anything, but at the same time you need to take care of yourself and make sure everything is set."

Fans were also excited to see the new leaders of the 2013 Chiefs -- Andy Reid and Alex Smith.

One woman in the crowd greeted Smith by exclaiming, "You're our savior."

"That's the quarterback position and I think that's a great example of when I was younger, I would have taken that as pretty literal," said Smith. "I tried to make every single throw and I tried to prove to everybody that I was worth it."

Andy Reid received a similar welcoming from fans. They gave him a standing ovation and shouted out his name in the process.

"It was great to see the fans out here. They looked like they packed the place. They were loud and that part is exciting for the players," said Reid.

The Chiefs will continue training camp in St. Joseph, Mo., for the next few weeks. They will have a full-pad workout this Sunday at 8:15 a.m.

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