Chiefs fans live the dream at Fantasy Camp

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be an NFL player?  Dozens of fans suited up in the locker room at Arrowhead on Friday and ran out onto the field for the first ever Chiefs Fantasy Camp.

“A big draw is obviously being able to hang out with guys like Trent Green, Priest Holmes, Christian Okoye,” Matt Huls said, a Chiefs fans from Kansas City.

Huls was among 68 fans who signed up to learn more about football from former Kansas City Chiefs players.

“This is something I got to do, you know, it's a lot of money, but for a good cause,” lifelong Chiefs fan from Reno, Nev., Joe Becker said.

Each fan paid $2,000 to participate with the proceeds going to the Center for Concussion Management at the University of Kansas Hospital.

“I hope they gain a respect for the people that play the game on Sunday - a deeper respect,” former Chiefs head coach Dick Vermeil said.

Vermeil also showed fans the playbook and game film.  Those aren’t the only reasons fans come to fantasy camp.
“They want to ask about a particular player or a particular coach, you know, they want some inside information that you don't generally get,” former quarterback Trent Green said.

“It won't be the same coming here again.  I'll be able to talk to my kids about this for years to come,” Huls said. “I've got these jerseys, bags and hats and everything like that and got a football with some autographs on it.  It's a neat experience."

For these fans, fantasy became reality at least for a day.

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