Chiefs fans try to stay cool before Saturday's game at Arrowhead Stadium

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Kansas City Chiefs issued fans a warning before Saturday night's game because of the weather.

The Chiefs play their third preseason game against the Minnesota Vikings on Saturday night.

The sun was blazing, but there was a slight breeze that made the heat bearable.

Tailgaters took refuge under the shade of tents.

The main point was to drink water – and lots of it.

Carts went around the parking lot handing out water to fans.

Because of the heat, stadium employees allowed guests to bring in one sealed water bottle.

Fans could also bring their personal empty water bottle to fill up at one of the stadium's 15 water fountains.

Tailgaters were told to watch how much alcohol they drink because it causes dehydration.

"We've got a cooler filled with water so a drink and then water, a drink then water, we're all about safety, so we're doing a little bit of each we're having fun but we're still staying hydrated," Desiree Garret, a tailgater, said.

“We were here for the Colts game last year shoveling snow and getting ice off the seats, this is a lot better,” Cory Brockert, a tailgater, said. 

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