Chiefs season ticket holders, former players ready for change in management

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Fans continue to demand more from the team they love following another devastating Chiefs loss.

Many fans now consider the Chiefs the worst team in the NFL.

"This is embarrassing, that's what it is," said Gary Friedman, who's been a season ticket holder for nearly five decades.

He said he's never seen a team so bad. In fact, he now worries about getting rid of the 18 tickets his family purchases every year, and finds himself wondering if his money could be better spent.

"It is hurting me, because each game I say I could have bought a new color television, or something you want to replace in your house, like a new dishwasher," Friedman said.

Thousands of fans agree. The group "Save Our Chiefs" has created a Facebook page to have fans share posts, pictures and videos urging the organization to make a change.

Are fans being too harsh?

Should they be more positive for the players' sake?

Former Chiefs wide receiver Eddie Kennison said "No."

"There are some things that need to change within the organization. We all know it. It's just like owning a business. When the business is failing, at what point do you say enough is enough," Kennison said. "Somebody needs to stand up in the locker room, and say, 'We're not allowing this to happen anymore.'"

Kennison urges fans to continue to support the team at home and at Arrowhead.

Friedman said he'll probably keep his season tickets and continue to go to games because of the family tradition. He said he figures at this point, the Chiefs can only get better.

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