Chiefs Wide Receiver Dwayne Bowe avoids marijuana charge, pleads guilty to reduced charges

RIVERSIDE, Mo. - The marijuana possession charge against Chiefs Wide Receiver Dwayne Bowe was dropped after he agreed to a plea bargain.

Riverside Municipal Prosecutor Amy Ashelford reduced the charge to operating defective equipment and littering.  Bowe pleaded guilty and paid a $610 fine.

Ashelford said that first-offenders with marijuana charges typically get a reduced charge and she wanted to make sure that Bowe was treated like any other offender.

Bowe's defense attorney Kevin Regan explained that he is pleased with the resolution of the case.

"There is no admission of marijuana possession and in fact our investigation showed that there was no marijuana in his (Bowe's) possession," Regan said.

Dwayne Bowe did not attend the announcement of his plea deal at Riverside City Hall.

Regan said that his client will put this behind him and focus on getting ready to play football for the Chiefs this fall.

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