Crennel blames media for misinterpreting remark about Breaston

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Romeo Crennel lashed out at the media for misinterpreting his comments a day earlier about receiver Steve Breaston. On Wednesday, Crennel was asked what Breaston needed to do to get on the field.

"He needs to show that he has a great understanding of the game plan and he can execute the game plan. If he can do that, then he can be in uniform."

Many people interpreted that to mean Crennel was saying Breaston did not understand the game plan well enough. The Chiefs head coach claimed on Thursday that was not what he meant at all.

"See, I'm going to tell you guys right now, because I'm a little irked about that, that statement I made yesterday was a generic statement. A generic statement. It could be applied to any position on the team, any player on the team. And you guys took it to mean that he didn't know the game plan. I never said he didn't know the game plan, never said that. So, Steve Breaston knows the game plan. That's what I'm clarifying."

Crennel was then asked how he thought people should have interpreted his comments about Breaston.

"Because I say that, you think that he doesn't know the game plan? If I said that about the quarterback, would you assume that the quarterback didn't know the game plan? You know what, that's something about assume, you shouldn't assume. Because you know what happens when you assume. Yeah, Steve Breaston knows the game plan. You know what, these guys have been together and hanging together all year and I know that, hey, there's nothing good to write about, but don't assume that a guy doesn't know the game plan, that a guy's not smart or anything like that. I make the decision about who's active and who's not active and he has not been active because it's my decision and that's what I go with. Not on the player. So don't do that to the player."

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