Denver fans offer Chiefs fans a taste of the city's culture

DENVER - Kansas City Chiefs fans are taking over Denver.

Our 41 Action News team has been in Denver for the past several days, and on Saturday they stopped by the Denver International Airport where they've seen a sea of red.

As flights start to come in from Kansas City, fans can be seen loud and proud, and ready for Sunday's big matchup in a town that also loves their team.

While the game is the showcase of the weekend, fans are also taking the mini vacation to get acquainted with the city of Denver.

Sarah Hollenbeck stopped by a local Denver diner, appropriately called Denver Diner, and asked Broncos' fans what folks from Kansas City can expect while in town: where do the locals eat, drink, and what's on the "must see" list before heading back home.

On the list? Fans must try the Denver Omelette – it's filled with diced ham, onions and green bell peppers. The dish is often topped off with cheese, and a side dish of hash brown or fried potatoes.  They should also check out the popular 16th Street mall.

While the hospitality might be bittersweet, Denver fans couldn't help but through in a punch line or two: "Eat comfort food, you'll need it," or "don't stain the hotel sheets with tears of defeat."

The best jab however, comes from one of the waitresses at the Denver Diner. "Come on by and see us. You're going to need a nice heart meal before the game, or after," she says. But right after that, she adds, "oh yeah, we're gonna beat your butt."

But it's all in good fun of course. The game is said to be one of the biggest matchups in years between the two teams.

Denver fans shouldn't be too harsh on Chiefs fans, because come two weeks, they'll be making their way to the Chiefs Kingdom. We can only hope it's with a still undefeated Kansas City Chiefs team.

If you can't make it out to Denver, you can catch all the action right here on your 41 Action News Station starting at 5 p.m.

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