Excitement builds in Denver with two days until Chiefs vs. Broncos game

DENVER - It's being called one of the biggest match-ups in years.

The Kansas City Chiefs take on the Denver Broncos this Sunday on the Sports Authority Field at Mile High in Denver, Colo.

Our 41 Action News team is in Denver and say you can literally feel the excitement in the air.

From the newspaper to the radio, this AFC West showdown is peppered in conversations across the sports world. Quickly things have changed both for teams, going from last to first for the Chiefs, and the Broncos who were last in their Division three years ago. Now, both teams are on top.

The undefeated Chiefs are the talk of the town in both Kansas City and Denver.

Sandy Clough is the host of the number one sports talk show in Denver. 104.3 "The Fan" is tuned into thousands of car radios every afternoon.

This week, he's been flooded with calls about Sunday's game.

Broncos fans have mixed emotions of defiance and apprehension going into the big game.

Yet, Clough says this will be the best matchup between the two in nearly two decades.

"We're seeing this year, a scenario where I think both teams will make the playoffs, "but you might have a team finishing second with 12 or 13 wins in the AFC West this year," Clough said. "That's all together possible, and that's what adds to the drama and excitement pertaining to this game."

And for Chiefs fans going to Colorado, ticket prices will be a real shocker. The cheapest tickets are going for at least $300.

Candy Lewis buys tickets from season ticket holders who don't plan to use them.

She says a lot of those sellers are hoping to get back what they paid for the entire season off Sunday's game.

"The Kansas City versus Denver game has been bigger than the Broncos home opening game with [the] Baltimore [Ravens,] or the Washington Red Skins game, which was huge for us," Lewis said. "But the Chiefs-Broncos game is just nuts right now."

As carried away as they get in Denver, the teams will meet again in two weeks in Kansas City. And some say a playoff meeting between the two in 2014.

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