Family ironically divided over Sunday's Chiefs vs. Broncos game

DENVER - Hundreds of Kansas City Chiefs fans flew into Denver on Saturday for Sunday's big game.

They traveled from all different parts of the country including Texas, New Mexico and North Dakota.

Many yelled "Go Chiefs" as they emerged from the trolley shuttling passengers from the plane to their baggage claim, but at least one group though kept quiet.

After all, it's best not to say something you'll regret to those you're traveling with.

Ashli and Chris Longie are Chiefs fans. Their relatives Stephanie and Kevin Longie are Denver Broncos fans. They're all from North Dakota, but the reason for their divide in team loyalty is ironic.

Chris Longie says he became a Chiefs fan because his father was a lifelong Chiefs fan and he says, "I grew up wearing Chiefs stuff so it was easy to become a Chiefs fan."

As for Kevin Longie, "I had an older brother who is a Chiefs fan who happened to forget a birthday present a number of years ago and purchased a present on sale. It happened to be a Broncos jersey", he explained, "My brother bought it thinking it wouldn't sink in. But it stuck," he laughed.

That's when Kevin was just four years old!

So, the same guy, Chris' dad, Kevin's brother, turned one into a Chiefs fanatic, the other a Broncos diehard.

"It's great that it worked out that way. It's fun to travel with some people who are Broncos fans, it makes the trip more enjoyable jabbing back and forth," Ashli Longie said with a smile.

There's one more ironic part of The Longie family's story. Ashli and Kevin Longie share a birthday tomorrow.

Whose present will be a win? Well, that's anyone's guess.

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