Get to know your favorite Chiefs player off the field

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Have you ever wanted to get to know a Chiefs player OFF the field? No stats, no career highlights, but as a person? Well here's your chance!

Christa Dubill is going under the helmet with Chiefs players to talk about their life OFF the field.

You can be part of the fun by tweeting us your question with the hashtag #AskAChief at @41ActionNews or @ChristaDubill , or add your question to Christa's wall at

Christa Dubill will be interviewing players tweeting the locker room chats and posting photos. Don't worry, they'll be G-rated.

So if you want to know what a player's favorite color is, or what is in their Netflix queue, or their favorite Beyonce song, tweet or Facebook us your questions to #AskAChief.

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