Kansas City Chiefs could switch summer training facilities next year

ST. JOSEPH, Mo. - The Chiefs could hold summer practice at their home facility next summer.

The Chiefs are in the minority by holding training camp off-site. More than half of NFL teams have summer practice at their home facilities.

The Chiefs’ contract with Missouri Western State University goes to year-to-year options after this training camp. The Chiefs have spent five years at Missouri Western for summer training. 

Missouri Western wants the Chiefs back especially since they built the school a $10 million sports facility as part of their contract.

Missouri Western's athletic director said the building has helped the school with recruiting. He thinks the Chiefs benefit from having training camp close to home without the distractions of staying home.

"We provide them a great customer service. It's kind of a turnkey operation. They can come in and just practice and have their events,” Missouri Western Athletic Director Kurt McGuffin said. “We hope that that type of service will make them stay for five more years. Even if it is one year extensions, we're ok with that."

The Chiefs have to decide if they want to renew their contract by December 1st.

Even if the team doesn't stay at Missouri Western, training camp must remain in Missouri for the next five years. If it doesn't the team must pay back tax credits the state gave them to move from Wisconsin five years ago.

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