New parking policies for Chiefs games leaves Arrowhead tailgaters with questions

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Changes are in store for football fans headed to tailgate at the Truman Sports complex this fall.

Starting this season, Kansas City Chiefs fans who get to Arrowhead Stadium within an hour of the gate opening can park anywhere in their designated lot. Drivers arriving later will now have to come in single file line and park in the very next available spot.

Thursday afternoon there were lots of orange cones and stadium staff directing traffic as fans adjusted to the new rules.

Chiefs fans pitched their tents for the first preseason game with reservations about the new parking restrictions.

PHOTOS: Chiefs fans face new parking rules at Arrowhead

The parking changes include one-way traffic inside the parking lot. Also, gates are only attached to certain parking lots.

Some season-ticket holders, like Steve Alt, have already started figuring out how they're going to connect with friends and protect their tailgating experience.

“We will save other people spots," Alt said. “Like the guy we met this morning. He said, ‘save me a spot,’ I said, ‘Sure I will.’ I know that's not the Chiefs policy, but I'll do it for him.”

Thursday is sort of a test run of the new parking plan for both the Chiefs and fans. The real test will be on September 7 at the first regular-season home game.

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