St. Joseph expects more than 23,000 people to visit during Chiefs training camp

ST. JOSEPH, Mo. - The Gooding family drove in from Iowa Thursday afternoon for a mini family-vacation and to watch the Chiefs' 2014 training camp.

The trio has traveled to St. Joseph, Mo., every year for the past five years to get up close and personal with their favorite players.

“Being so close to the players, it's nothing like it. They’re such good team, players as far as coming over and talking to fans and engaging and signing autographs. Those are things you don't get on game day down at the stadium,” Mike Gooding said.

In fact, more than 23,000 out of towners are expected to spend $3 million in St. Joseph during the next three weeks of camp.

Summers Motors has been on belt highway for nearly 30 years. This time of year, David Summers waves his flags of support every summer as the Kansas City chiefs move in for training camp.

“I really like the Chiefs being here. I think it's good for the community and good for businesses,” Summers said.

According to the St. Joseph Convention and Visitors Bureau, 60 percent of training camp attendees stay at local hotels and 52 percent eat at local restaurants.

The Chiefs annual family fun day will be held Saturday, July 26.

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