Two couples choose love over Chiefs tickets

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Chiefs' success on the field has apparently turned out to be great for several couples' love lives.

Two Kansas City area wives said their husbands' actions this weekend will score for a lifetime.

During the Chiefs - Broncos game, Janie Tesch could not help take her eyes off the big screen and then stare at her finger.

"I really love this ring," she said, showing her new jewelry.

Tesch got her wedding ring when her fiancé proposed to her on Friday.

Her soon to be husband, Rusty Jones, has been a rabid Chiefs fan for 20 years. Still, he gave up two of the most wanted Chiefs tickets in a decade on Friday, exchanging his Broncos - Chiefs Arrowhead seats for the wedding ring.

The ring was from another woman who had it from a previous marriage, and was selling it on Craigslist for the coveted tickets.

Tesch said she thought the gesture was too much from her beau, telling him, "It's a home game you've waited so many years for that's way too much."

But that's not what Jones said when he proposed on Friday, looking at his fiancé in the eye and putting it in perspective.

"In comparison to spending a lifetime with her, it's just a game," he said.

That sentiment was shared by former season-ticket holder and long-time Chiefs fan Brad Barbee to his wife.

A few weeks ago, Barbee realized NBC moved the Chiefs game time to the same time as Sunday night's Harry Connick Junior concert at the Midland Theater.

He had bought his wife the tickets to the crooner's show long ago.

His wife Stacy "gave him an out" saying she could go to the concert with a friend. Brad, though, didn't hesitate with his answer.

"I love my wife. She's the love of my life. She's done so much for me and given me two beautiful kids she's the most awesome woman in the world," he said.

Stacy now calls him husband of the year.

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