Local NFL fans angered by Monday night's call

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The call by NFL replacement referees that gave the Seattle Seahawks a win against the Green Bay Packers Monday night captured the fury of football fans across the country -- and hit home in Kansas City.

"That call was the closest thing to robbery," one caller exclaimed on Soren Petro's show on Sports Radio 810. "A blind man could have seen that was Green Bay's ball," said another.

"It happened on the biggest game of the week on the biggest stage," Petro explained. "People are going to get excited."

Chiefs defensive end Glenn Dorsey remembered a replacement referee's missed call that allowed the Saints to get a touchdown in overtime on Sunday. The touchdown got reviewed and reversed because the Chiefs never fumbled the ball.

"I was just hoping they got it right," he said. "We needed a break so I was glad it went our way."

Though football fans are seeing red after a series of bad calls this season, Dorsey said the men wearing red have their eyes on the field and are focusing on playing the game.

The NFL backed the referee's decision from Monday night's game.

"They had to," Petro said. Now many wonder if Tuesday's backlash will be enough pressure to end the strike.

Tuesday, league officials met with representatives for the locked-out officials. There's been no word so far on any resolution.

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