JACK' SMACK: Frank Haith, selfish players to blame for MU's loss at LSU

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - All right, let's cut right to the chase on this one.

When you play the worst team in your league, or any league, you must win the game. Period.

It doesn't matter if you missed two-thirds of your shots. That's on you. It doesn't matter where the game is played.

You must beat the worst team in your league.

Coaches lose their job over stuff like this. They also lose their credibility with their fan base.

I'm pinning the Missouri loss at LSU directly at the feet of Frank Haith.

Here's the problem in a nutshell: This team is selfish. The players on this team seem to be all about themselves.
Too much one-on-one. There is no chemistry.

Ten new players thrown into the mix – at times, it resembles a pick game at the Y.

Frank Haith hasn't been able to figure it out. He can't find the right combination. It's playground ball  too much of the time  with this team.

Once they cross the time line, there's a pretty good chance the guy with the ball is going to take the shot. And those shots might come at anytime -- from anywhere.

Missouri took 61 of them in the LSU game and missed 38. Most of the errant shots were too quick in the possession. Again, that's coaching. 

That's discipline -- something very few of these guys have.

Phil Pressey is a fine little point guard, but Phil Pressey plays out of control too much of the time.

Sure, he can go out and get you 25, but he also can put you in a pickle when the game is on the line in the closing seconds.

Bottom line -- Missouri Tigers don't have enough basketballs to keep everyone on this team happy.

As a coach, it's a problem you don't want to have -- not when you can't beat the worst team in your league.

That's Jack's Smack.

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