JACK'S SMACK: After Oakland shutout, Hunt family needs to hold Clark accountable

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - I saw enough of that Oakland game to convince me that the Hunt family has no choice now but to make sweeping changes at Arrowhead.

Every person representing the Kansas City Chiefs who made that trip should be subject to some type of reprimand for neglect of duty.

Every wart on this franchise was exposed.

There are no sacred cows. No one gets a pass after this one played out the way it did.

The players never showed up. They shut it down.

Clark Hunt should be embarrassed that he owns a franchise that has become the laughing stock of the NFL. How can he sit and watch this mess unravel?

No one seems to care that it's gone to hell in a hand basket. In covering this franchise for 42 years and nearly 600 games, I can't recall ever seeing such a disconnect between the fans and the team's upper management.

The fans have been investing their money in the team for too long. We were promised much better times when taxpayers ponied up over $300 million to fix up Arrowhead.

We did our part.

The Chiefs have failed miserably in holding up their end of the bargain on the field.

This franchise has been in a free fall since Lamar Hunt died in 2006.

Since taking over the franchise, Clark Hunt's teams have lost more than twice as many games as they've won.

The Hunt family might want to take a closer look at their CEO's responsibilities when it comes to running this football operation. Clark Hunt is getting off way too easy in all of this.

Pioli and Romeo will most likely be flushed out in two weeks.

If it makes you feel better, go ahead and blame Pioli, blame Romeo -- but that won't fix the problem.

Hunt is looking at the possibility of running through four head coaches and three general managers in a five-year period.

You tell me where the real problem lies.

That's Jack's Smack.

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