JACK'S SMACK: 'Andy Reid inherited a team that is playoff ready'

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Andy Reid knew back in January what he was getting into when it took only 24 hours to sign up for the Chiefs' head coaching job.

I've heard numerous people say, "Why would anybody want to take over a 2-14 team? Why would anybody want to coach a franchise that had lost 55 games in the last 5 years?"

Andy Reid has been around long enough to realize it was a golden opportunity to win here and win quickly.

It's no mystery why the Chiefs have started 3-0. This will be a team that comes away with double-digit wins this year.

Look what Andy Reid walked into when he took this job:

The #1 overall pick in the draft. He was handed $20 million in cap space. That's like Monopoly money to play with.

Chiefs had their pick from a bevy of high-quality free agents and were able to trade for a veteran starting quarterback.

What else would a head coach want? Oh yes, throw in six players who made the pro bowl last year.

Andy Reid inherited a team that is playoff ready.

Now, Scott Pioli is the still the villain around here. It did not end well.

Nobody wants to hear this, but his footprint is all over this defense.

He drafted Dontari Poe, Tyson Jackson, Justin Houston and Eric Berry; four of the top defenders on the team.

What Pioli doesn't get enough credit for is re-signing Derrick Johnson, Jamaal Charles, Tomba Hali and Brandon Flowers.

Sure, they were all, Carl Peterson's picks, but Pioli did re-sign all of them before they could get away. And that was huge.

Now, we got a real head football coach in this town.

If this Kansas City offense is worth a grain of salt, watch out.

That's Jack's Smack.

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