JACK'S SMACK: Chiefs came across as bunch of show-boating clowns against the Steelers

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Steelers game sent me over the edge with the Kansas City Chiefs. I've come to the conclusion there is hardly anything to like about this football team.

Let me say this:

Jamaal Charles and Derrick Johnson were terrific. But this is more about the way this football team represented themselves and our city on national television in primetime.

By the way, one out of every three Kansas Citians watched at least some of the game, meaning 34 percent of the Kansas City audience tuned in to watch.

The conduct and behavior we saw on the field is not acceptable. It falls under the category of disgrace.

These players became a bunch of show-boating clowns who gave the impression all this stuff was pre-meditated. It was choreographed. It was planned out for national television – a team with one freaking win this season, making fools of themselves for all to see.

They had the Steelers on the ropes. They put Big Ben out of the game early in the third quarter. The win was right there – but no. We had to watch that celebration in the end zone. The Chiefs got a personal foul – a celebration penalty – on a non-touchdown for cryin' out loud.

What a bunch of buffoons. Someone needs to go for this. Get ‘em out of here.

They cut Stanford Routt for missing curfew before the Chargers game. This is the most undisciplined, unaccountable and out of control bunch of renegades since the days of Andre Rison, Tamarick Vanover and Bam Morris. It's sad to think the Chiefs played a competitive football game, but everything was overshadowed by the embarrassing conduct of a handful of players.

Clark Hunt, where are you? In the Fiji Islands?

You need to come out of hiding. You need to assure the good football fans of this city that changes will result from this humiliating performance in Pittsburgh.

That's Jack's Smack.

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