JACK'S SMACK: Chiefs' winning streak finally noticed by East Coast media

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - This 5-0 start by the Chiefs is finally being noticed by the biased East Coast media.

They present the story as if they're really not convinced that the Chiefs belong in the same conversation with Denver and New Orleans.

They might be right. It's probably true; we just don't want to hear it.

This same biased East Coast media is going to be shocked when the Chiefs run this streak to nine games.

The schedule sets up that way.

Andy Reid is getting more credit than any player on the team. Big Red's high Q-rating resonates with the media because of his demeanor and his long time ties with the Philadelphia Eagles.

The forgotten man in all of this is John Dorsey. He's still a mystery.

It's hard to get a reading on the new GM. His first draft here in Kansas City has been pretty much a bust, at least to this point.

Dorsey's claim to fame: picking up a couple of players off the scrap-heap.

Marcus Cooper and Sean McGrath came from the waiver wire. They have really worked out well.

Here's my biggest concern with Dorsey: I'm not sure it's fair to saddle him with the Dwayne Bowe signing.

The new regime screwed up giving this football diva that fat $56 million contract. The guy has a tendency to take plays off when he's not the primary intended target.

I knew it was a mistake right after he signed the contract for $11 million a year.

Bowe started running his mouth on how he was going to catch more balls and score more touchdowns than anyone else.

He can't get separation. He can't get open.

Bowe is not even the best receiver on his own team.  Donny Avery is.

This position is clearly an issue for the Chiefs.

I'm sure they will find a way to fix it. They will keep winning for two reasons: a superior coaching staff and the best defense in the NFL.

Yes sir, the playoff-bound Kansas City Chiefs.

That's Jack's Smack.

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