JACK'S SMACK: Clark Hunt is finally getting it right with the Chiefs

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - I feel like I learned a lot about Clark Hunt in the last ten days, and for the most part, I like what I've seen.

Following his swift and thorough housecleaning at Arrowhead, we have learned that Hunt is not tied to the way of his late father.

Lamar Hunt had the patience of Job with his head coaches and front office people.

Not Clark. He's waiting on no one. He wants to win, and win now.

He's already on his fourth head coach and third general manager in six years since replacing his father.

Let's face it. Hunt has missed on some key hires. He needs to get it right, and I believe he did with Andy Reid.

I mean, what else do we need to know? Reid is the most tenured head coach in the league.

Heck, he's won more playoff games in 14 years than 12 other head coaches combined have won with the Chiefs in 53 years.

I'll be perfectly honest on this new general manager hire. I'm in a wait and see mode.

Monday's introductory news conference was just that -- nothing more than a "Welcome to KC and "Getting to Know John Dorsey".

There was absolutely nothing of substance to come out of that 24-minute meet and greet.

Apparently, the print media is okay with this hire.

The guy at the local paper (who was one of Scott Pioli's detractors), chose to write a column about the new general manager and how he met his wife in Kansas City.

Hard-hitting stuff.

I want to cut Dorsey some slack, but I'm somewhat baffled after hearing him repeatedly calling this his "dream job". He referred to the Chiefs as the "crown jewel" of sports franchises.

I thought: Wait a minute here.

John Dorsey has been Green Bay Packer through and through for 30 years. He's a Lambeau lifer.

But hey, you can't blame Dorsey. It's a great opportunity here.

Dorsey hit the trifecta. Prestige, money and power -- and it's all wrapped around the no. 1 pick in the draft.

I think most of us were looking for answers to some of the troubled issues with this team.

Dorsey is not ready to share his plan to fix them. Not yet.

Let's give him a pass on this one, but rest assured -- there won't be any grading on the curve when draft day rolls around.

It's game on at Arrowhead, and it's time to produce.

That's Jack's Smack.

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