JACK'S SMACK: College basketball referees are ruining the game

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - We've got a race with three weeks to go in the Big 12 basketball season. My only hope is that the refs will let 'em play.

I sat and watched three games over the weekend and could not get over the lousy officiating. I don't like to see anybody get drilled on a moving screen, and I don't want to sit through all these ticky-tacky fouls, either.

Everything I've heard about the officiating in the SEC seems to be true. It's gotta be the worst out there.

They missed numerous calls -- both ways -- in that Missouri/Arkansas game. It was atrocious in the final minute.

I could not believe the phantom calls.

The other night at Allen Fieldhouse, Rick Barnes of Texas went nuts when Ben McLemore hit Myck Kabongo on the top of the head as he was driving for a layup.

It would have been the second foul on McLemore, and he would have gone to the bench only three minutes in with a 6-3 score, but nothing was called. It was play on.

Hey. It wasn't going to affect the outcome, but again, these officials are intimidated by home crowds. Officiating is a problem in college basketball.

Nothing irks me more than to hear the announcers try to cover up for these refs.

Come on. We're not blind. We can see what's going on.

The coaches are the only ones who can correct it. It's ruining the game.

To put it in perspective, I was watching Miami -- a potential No. 1 seed. The ‘Canes plodded their way to a 45-43 win over Clemson 45-43.

Look, they need to go back to working with two officials. One less whistle would make a tremendous difference.

Let's open up the game. First team to score 75 points wins.

Simple as that! Just  let ‘em play -- swallow the whistles.

That's Jack's Smack.

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