JACK'S SMACK: Don't get too giddy too soon, Chiefs fans

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The record says the Chiefs are perfect, 6-0. That's something football fans around here are very proud of, and rightfully so.

But the skeptic in me says don't get too giddy, too soon.

Everything is pro this and pro that.  It all seems so good right now at Arrowhead. But are we falling into a trap here?

We know this: defensively, the Chiefs can compete with anyone. Offensively, there are issues everywhere you look. Quarterback, wide receiver, tight end, offensive line.

In reality, the Chiefs are a play away from losing Jamaal Charles to injury.

You can say that about any player, but Charles is not just any player.

Right now, the Chiefs are a cinch to win at least 11 games. If Charles gets hurt, that 11-5 season can be quickly flipped into a losing one.

The Chiefs have no relief at the running back position.

It's a big problem on this football team.

The wide receivers are not very good; the quarterback has regressed in the last three games.
His completion percentage ranks near the bottom in the NFL.

As fans, we don't like to hear this stuff. It's been too bad, for too long around here. We want to savor these good times, but the Chiefs are 6-0 for one reason.

It's a ball-hawking defense which is creating havoc every quarterback they've faced.

Thirty-one sacks already this season. That's four more than all of last year.

If the Chiefs play 500 ball and split their final 10 games, they're playoff bound at 11-5.

For this team, or any team to advance in the post season, the quarterback must complete more than 56 percent of his passes.

That's Jack's Smack.

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