JACK'S SMACK: Expectations were clearly too high for KU this year

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - We've had some time to rehash KU's collapse Friday night in Dallas.

Pick your own verbiage in dissecting how this one went down. Bill Self is usually money in high-stake tournament games. Not so much, this time.

KU not only collapsed, but the Jayhawks choked down the stretch, blowing a 14-point, second-half lead to Michigan.

Elijah Johnson is still getting hammered. He had an awful game. His multitude of mistakes was magnified down the stretch.

The sucker punch is inexcusable. A cheap shot to the groin is about as dirty as you can get.

The refs should have run him at that point.

Ben McLemore is a mystery. I give him credit for breaking out of his shooting slump, but then he totally disappeared when the Jayhawks needed him the most down the stretch. He didn't take a shot in overtime.

Bill Self doesn't go unscathed. He let Trey Burke beat KU.

It doesn't matter if there's eight seconds or seven seconds left on the clock -- you must foul Burke.

Michigan down by three -- you expect Burke to go for a triple, to tie it, and he did. Foul him for crying out loud!

Self has to know better.

Burke was on fire the whole second half.

Expectations were clearly too high for this team. Four seniors and a lottery pick -- but Self referred to it as a rebuilding year.

He's responsible for the lack of a point guard. It was a problem all year. That's on Self.

Two wins in this tournament is probably about right.

The Jayhawks shared a league title that you can make a very good argument they did not earn. They were handed a No. 1 seed they probably did not deserve.

Being on the top line provided a free pass to the Sweet 16 with two games in KC. But after that, they were on their own.

Kansas teams do not blow 14-point leads. Not in NCAA tournament games.

That's Jack's Smack.

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