Jack's Smack: Fans swarm Kauffman, but how many go for Royals baseball?

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - We're working on 30 years of baseball futility. It’s the worst kind of futility, and yet 30,000 fans swarmed Kauffman Stadium on a Tuesday night.

Here's the question. How many of those people came for the baseball?

The Royals have been playing better, but it was a freebie night. They gave away t-shirts.

The problem is they cut it off after 10,000 shirts had been handed out.

There was a huge walk-up. Many of those 30,000 fans were expecting something the Royals didn't deliver on.

Shame on you, Royals.

You have to believe the promotion and giveaway had a big impact on the large crowd because the Minnesota Twins are dead last in the division. They're even worse than that bunch of losers the Royals trotted out there when they lost over 400 games in four years.

We want to believe. We want to believe some kind of resurrection is still possible with our team. We don't want to let go because we've been gluttons for punishment for too long.

Thirty years of inept management and bad baseball in this town. And you know what? I don't need another talking head or some guy with a pencil and pad insulting my baseball intelligence.

You don't need to tell me Billy Butler could be the key to getting this turned around. That’s the front page story of the sports section Wednesday.

Guys on radio have been floating that theory since Butler quit hitting way back when the season first began.

Look, if you want to discuss the key to getting Billy Butler straightened out, go find the key to his refrigerator and then hide it.

That’s Jack Smack.

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