JACK'S SMACK: Feeling the sting of the Chiefs' loss in Indy

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A public outcry erupted moments after the Chiefs were ambushed and torched by Andrew Luck in that playoff game at Indy.

The sting of this epic, four-touchdown meltdown will be etched in memory for decades to come.

Lin Elliott must feel vindicated and off the hook now. He was castigated for 20 years after missing those kicks in a playoff loss to the Colts.

Andy Reid says there will be no coaching changes at arrowhead. That's no surprise. The head coach is not prone to knee-jerk reactions from the media or fan base.

To some NFL owners, blowing a 28 point lead in a playoff game would be grounds for immediate disposal of a coordinator.

Bob Sutton survives this one. Be certain, he's not the culprit. The players are the guilty ones.

Where was Derrick Johnson, the team's leading tackler? Where was Tyson Jackson? Where was Mike Devito?

Those guys couldn't be hurt because they didn't hit anybody.

We hammer the poor saps in the secondary-- and for good reason.

But this bloodbath is on the defensive side of the ball. The Chiefs must find a pass rush.

Alex Smith goes out and plays his guts out, puts up 44 points and the Chiefs win the turnover battle. It doesn't seem fair.

They must now face the national scrutiny and embarrassment of choking. And they did.

So how do the Chiefs put this behind them? It won't be easy.

The schedule will be twice as hard next year against the NFC West and AFC East.

Basically, the entire secondary needs to be overhauled. The Chiefs, badly need wide receiver help. They need help on the defensive line.

Tamba Hali may not be back. Brandon Albert probably won't be back. There will be major changes put into place to choke-off any possibility of another disaster like this one.

Jobs will be lost.

It hurts. And according to the head coach,  it should.

That's Jack's Smack.

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