JACK'S SMACK: Give the fans what they want and play the MU/KU rivalry game

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - I have never been the biggest Gary Pinkel fan, but I give it up to the Missouri coach for calling out KU during his Kansas City media tour this week.

Pinkel, suggesting in a diplomatic way, it's time for the people at Mt. Oread to grow up and accept the fact the fans of both schools deserve to see this game restored at Arrowhead.

In Pinkel's words, "How long are we going to stay mad at each other?"

Think about it. How childish is this?

Pinkel, in typical administrative rhetoric, talks about all the money to be made.

Please. That's all they think about.

How much money do these school's really need? I am convinced there's not enough of it to make this happen.

This should be all about the fans.

Why try to sugar coat it.? There's no reconciliation here for one reason.

KU got its feelings crushed when Mizzou jumped ship to go play with the big boys.

I ask you: who wouldn't want to play in the best football conference in America?

Seven straight national titles.

Who wouldn't want to compete in a basketball conference that has won more national championships in the last 15 years than the Big 12 and Big 8 have combined to win in over 50 years?

KU would have been in for this switch, but of course the Jayhawks weren't invited.

We all know why: the football program.

Look, Missouri has nothing to brag about after whiffing in its first season in the SEC. But the Tigers are foaming at the mouth to play this football game with KU at Arrowhead.

So where do we go from here?

As Pinkel says, "How long, are we going to stay mad at each other".

Every Tom, Dick and Harry on both sides of the state line needs to bury the hatchets. These two fans bases can still hate one another but let's play this football game.

That's Jack's Smack.

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